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Reading is my passion, I love reading romantic suspense. My Kindle is my best friend, it takes me on many journeys around the world filled with fantasy, love, mystery and suspense. I can sometimes read up to 3 books a week, I'm definitely a bookaholic.

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Marked By Desire - Book 2 (Marked By Desire Romantic Suspense Series)
Jamie Garrett

Marked By Desire Book 1

Marked By Desire - Book 1 - Jamie Garrett

Hannah Mitchell is happy with life. Sure, she's still finding out exactly what she wants to do, but meanwhile working at the bakery is as good a place as any to figure that out. Her boss is a sweetheart and treats her right, and some of the regular customers have even become friends.

Luke Blake had wanted to be a U.S. Marshal for as long as he can remember, despite, or maybe because, of his parents' disapproval. He'd distanced himself from them, and their wealth, a long time ago. Keeping witnesses safe from those who wanted to kill them gave him a purpose in life, and kept his mind busy. He wasn't lonely, just dedicated, he told himself. But sometimes, he wasn't sure if even he bought that.

Then one morning Hannah walks into work and enters a nightmare. Witnessing the murder of your sweet, gentle boss by the mob can do that to you. At first the police are suspicious of her own involvement, but after she's pulled out under gunfire, Hannah becomes Luke's to watch over.


Good plot, plenty of suspense and romance. Although I found it a little slow at the start, I did enjoy this book, it kept me interested throughout. It has a Cliffhanger ending, so started reading book 2 straight away. 


GONE - Part Three (The GONE Series Book 3) - Deborah Bladon

Well that's all three books i've read in the series.

Book one was interesting and I thought it was going to be a good series. But by book two and three I found it to be your average run of the mill romance. An OK read but not memorable.  

Wreckage - Emily Bleeker

I received this pre-released book with ( Kindle prime membership)


Lillian and Dave survive a plane crash and are stranded on an island in the South Pacific for almost two years. The story starts eight months after they are rescued and switches between past and present as they tell their story, which works quite well. 


 I enjoyed "Wreckage",  it has romance, a little suspense, secrets and lots of lies, Although I did find it predictable, it kept my interest throughout.